The Cubro Artistic Foundry is part of the tradition of the bronze and non-ferrous metals fusion through the lost-wax casting process. It has been operating in the artistic and design sector for over a century.

Thanks to the experience, the artisan tradition and the wise use of the material, we are able to offer you numerous services and to follow you in every single step of the work realization process; from the design phase to the final one.

Our workshops and departments are designed to welcome you and we are at your disposal to meet all your creative needs. Thanks to the wide spaces, over 1,000 square meters, you can work directly on the realization of your project and your works, even the largest ones, alongside our highly specialized workers.

Project ideation and development

Our craftsmen will be able to support the artist from the work ideation phase to the molding phase with clay, plasticine, plaster, wax or any other material, until the final result. In addition, we are also able to offer assistance by performing reproductions, enlargements and reductions by means of pantographs and modern digital scanning technologies. We can also create your work by transforming a drawing, a scan or a photograph into a 3D object defining all the details.

Each artist is able to work directly on the sculptural project in a dedicated space, having all the materials and tools available to experiment the creative flair. At the same time, you will be able to take advantage of all the technical and design assistance you will need, being able to count on the qualified collaboration of our workers in every single procedural phase.

Each work is a challenge and the constant synergy between artist and craftsman will decree its final result. The Cubro Artistic Foundry also assists the artists on the search for constituent materials and on the advice of the most suitable casting technique for each work.

The choice between lost-wax casting and the shell casting process or also different bronze alloys – such as silicon, white, tin or aluminum – are determined on the basis of various factors, such as the texture of the surface or future exposure of the work, as well as its size or other specific construction needs.

Departments and workshops

The artist will be able to take advantage of the use of specific departments in the different phases, such as the forming and wax departments to perform all types of mould, from the silicone one to the plaster one. The artist can work calmly and make all the necessary changes and retouches to reproduce the wax model perfectly.

In addition to the foundry department, where we make bronze, brass, aluminum and silver castings, the chiseling department is of great interest. Here, we operate in continuous experimentation and perform any type of finish or polish to offer the artist the perfect interpretation of his idea. Each work is unique and the tools that are used in each operational step are highly specific.

To complete the work, we create countless types of patina. The surface of the work is treated with specific natural and chemical reagents, thanks to which the classic patinas are placed side by side new and unpublished one, appropriately agreed with the artist.

In addition, we carry out engravings, laser cuts and processing of stainless steel and weathering steel, and thanks to highly specialized craftsmen we also offer silvering and gilding services, mainly used to embellish sculptural but also design details.

Logistic assistance and support

Once the work is done, our assistance will always be available to the artist. Even with your own means, we will be able to assist you in the packaging, transport and assembly phases for small, medium and large-sized works.

Our logistical support can also be used for the installation of the sculptural project, as well as for the on-site preparation of exhibitions and events for which we provide qualified technical skills.

Restoration workshop

Thanks to the experience of our workers and specific tools, the Cubro Artistic Foundry is able to offer specialist advice and to perform the analysis and evaluation of alloys and patinas degradations of sculptural works made of metal, as well as to design and carry out all the necessary interventions for restoration.

The restoration works are scrupulously carried out respecting the structure and the original appearance of the work and above all they are aimed at maintaining the ‘good’ patina, the natural and non-aggressive ones that have given it an aesthetic aspect of artistic value over the time.

Guided tours

The Cubro Artistic Foundry is a place devoted to sharing and promoting the millenary art of fusion and it is pleased to welcome artists, students and art enthusiasts.

During our guided tours we will love to go along with you among our departments and workshops, timeless places where ideas and immortal works come to life. We will introduce you to our artisans, heritage of knowledge and custodians of an ancient tradition, who will introduce you to an experiential journey in which you will be shown how the creation of an art work takes place.