Welcome to the Cubro Artistic Foundry

A laboratory of art, passion and research; a place where idea and matter are mixed together in the immortality of an art work.
Whether you are an artist, a designer, a passionate art collector or a scholar, the Cubro Foundry opens the doors to a timeless place that you will love.

For over a century, the manufacturing of bronze and non-ferrous metals through the ancient lost-wax casting process has been the excellence and the history of the Cubro Foundry. Starting from the artist’s model made of plaster, clay, marble or any other material, we create castings made of bronze, brass, aluminum, and silver, performing every type of finishing touches and countless types of patina to make a contemporary or a classic sculpture as well as a unique work from a design object.

Under the direction of skilled artisans who work with the sculptors, each department of the Cubro Foundry is dedicated to the different steps of the lost-wax casting process.

You can visit the melting area where we will tell you about some of the most important passages through which the material takes shape and life; you can see some of our works and visit the workshops and services section to find out how we take care of you and your project.